Guest zone officer in Munich

450-2,500, Betriebswohnung vorhanden, full time, incomplete higher education, work experience from 1 year and above
Wagner, GmbH

Job description

Guest zone officer

– You will make and serve 90 – 100 drinks per day in average.
– You will serve 100 – 120 pancake portions per day in average.
– You will collect empty dishes from the tables, clean the tables.
– You will control the guest zone during the working day (cleanliness, customers’ needs).
– You will clean the guest zone after the working day and keep it prepared for the next day.
– Polite, friendly, helpful, and caring behavior is required. A smile and eye contact are also required.

Product: quickly served 100-120 breakfasts /day

Salary: up to 2.000 EUR

Posted: 19 November 2017, 21:10
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